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International Student Checklist

Berikut dilampirkan senarai semak persiapan nak sambung blaja sebagai panduan/rujukan :D

Preparing to come
·         Satisfy conditions of offer                                                                           
·         Obtain visa                                                                                                         
·         Apply for accommodation                                                                           
·         Book place on Airport Collection Service                     
·         Book place on Orientation Course                                                           
·         Have a medical examination and vaccinations: MMR
(Mumps, Measles and Rubella) and Meningitis C (if applicable) 

Before you leave
·         Book transport to university                                                                      
·         Buy currency                                                                                                     
·         Decide how to pay your tuition fees                                                       
·         Decide how to pay your accommodation fees                                   
·         Make accommodation prepayment                                                       
·         Pack your luggage appropriately                                                              
·         Register electronics on                                         

When you arrive
·         Tell your family you have arrived                                                                             
·         Register with the police (if applicable)                                                   
·         Register at the University                                                                            
·         Arrange payment of tuition fees                                                              
·         Arrange payment of accommodation fees                                          
·         Open a bank account
·         Register with a doctor
·         Buy a Television Licence (if applicable)
source: "Arrival Guide: For International and EU Students 2011-2012"

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