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Postgraduate Education Fair

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia hosts UTM Info Day running for 2 consecutive days (14-15 May 2011) at Dewan Besar UTM KL. You can meet with the university representatives & ask just about anything you need on application procedures, fees etc. I like to attend postgraduate fairs as we are able to find out more then what is provided in the university websites. One of the advantages is sometimes u can get processing fees waived! The course which i applied for does not require fees for submission but even so i did sign-up & had the pleasure of attending one or two British Education fairs.
What i like about these fairs is that they often conduct seminars inviting guests from the university as well as alumni groups giving talks on useful tips. Furthermore, u get goodie bag and free gifts from lucky draws (i'm a freebie junkie :D) I got an MPH gift voucher which expires this August. It's a good thing i'm writing about this as i had almost forgotten about it. Still have time to redeem phew! I would like to thank YOU for bringing up about not having the opportunity to visit the fairs. You know who you are ;-) I get ideas from you guys so keep those comments coming in ya :-)

Now i'm in the phase of packing my things bit by bit and i find it's time i put away all those prospectus & pamphlets which is taking up space off my drawers. But before i toss them away for recycle to the 'surat-khabar-lama guy' along with my used car battery, i would like to share some useful tips from the leaflets.
How To Choose A Course
·       determine your career path & what u enjoy doing
·       choose the subjects u wish to study
·       the type of qualification u will obtain upon completion of your course
·       evaluate your employment prospects upon graduation based on market trends
·       check to see if your chosen course is recognised in Malaysia
·       check whether there is a demand for your chosen course in Malaysia
·       duration of the programme
·       teaching methods - lectures, tutorials, seminars, practicals
·       assessment methods - exams, continued assessment, work placements, project work, essays or extended essays
·       opportunity for work experience

Selecting The Right Institution
·       recognition & standing of the qualification
·       reputation & standing of the institution & department
·       how much it will cost u in course fees & living costs
·       how the course is structured and assessed
·       academic & non-academic facilities offered by the institution - overall atmosphere
·       the size & mix of the student population  & student support facilities
·       whether the institution offer on-campus accommodation
·       location of institution - city or countryside
 So if you have the time, sign-up your email addresses for subscription at their websites so that you will be kept up-to-date on the current news & upcoming events :-)

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